Dit is Sharon

Dit is Sharon

What is Tableware by Sharon?
We are online! Wow, how cool is it to finally share our website with the world. But what kind of tableware is it and who is Sharon?

Who is Sharon?
Sharon is fulltime mom of Fiep (named after Dutch artist Fiep Westendorp). Together with her mother she has a store in the center of Rijssen. It’s also the place where you can see her paintings.

Her grandmother Neeltje learned Sharon how to paint. She always continued painting. ‘I express myself through my paintings’. She is impulsive, enthusiastic and autodidact. This makes her unique as a person but also as an artist. The partnership with Ter Steege is a once in a lifetime chance: ‘How cool is it if other people buy the tableware and really enjoying it’.

Sharon is straight forward: ’what you see is what you get’ and that’s all that needs to be said. Sharon takes her daughter Fiep everywhere, also on her workdays at Ter Steege. There she and Miranda merge the paintings to make a print out of it.

‘I’m the most me at home, that’s where my family is’

A tight family bond is the match that lights the fire between Sharon and Ter Steege. Family is for both a reason, an inspiration and a feeling of home.

More then just Tableware
With this tableware you can mix and match endlessly. Let’s get inspired on our inspiration page.

The tableware is made of ceramics, it’s oven proof and easy to clean. You can paint ceramic products very well and that’s what we did. The tableware has different colors and different prints.

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